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3 Tips For Naturally Curing Candida

Candida is a ruthless fungal pathogen, but the trouble is that its early stages of Candida overgrowth may go unnoticed or be dismissed as ‘normal’ issues such as lowered energy levels, getting sick more often, or bloating after eating. Unfortunately, chronic low-level pain and discomfort have become so common they’re assumed to be ‘normal.’ Feeling sick and tired in your body is NOT normal!

We should be aiming to feel like we’re thriving, just barely surviving, right? If you are feeling any low-grade discomfort in your body, this can mean that a storm is brewing in your digestive system, your guts. It’s way better to nip Candida in its early stages before it has grown in to a full-blown systemic infection.

No more sugar in your diet-

The number 1 most important thing you can do right now is to use food as your medicine. The first step is to remove sugar-laden Candida feeding foods from your diet to start weakening the fungus. This includes the obvious, sugar, and also C.R.A.P. foods- that’s anything carbonated, refined, artificial, processed. If it comes in a package with an ingredients list with unrecognizable words, don’t eat it: cookies, chips, sweets, pastries, sodas, chocolate, ice cream, etc. This also includes the not so obvious foods that may look healthy at first, but actually metabolically still breakdown into glucose in the body to further empower Candida.

Bone broth for candida

If you have Candida fungus in your body, you’ll inevitable have leaky gut because Candida causes leaky gut. Once it mutates from its yeast form into its deadly fungal form, Candida grows ‘fungal hyphae’ – its roots that penetrate through your intestinal lining (and other tissues) causing them to become permeable. When cleansing from Candida, and long after the cleanse is done, you must focus on repairing your gut lining. If you do not heal your leaky gut, you are highly susceptible to a reinfection.

Probiotics for candida

Bone broth provides the perfect building blocks (specifically collagen, l-glutamine, and glycine,) for gut repair and the beneficial bacteria are the constructions workers that do all the heavy lifting. 

Anatomical integrity of our digestive tract, its functionality, ability to adapt and regenerate, ability to defend itself and many other functions are directly dependent on the state of its microscopic housekeepers – our gut flora. Basically, no healing can take place in the gut without probiotics! And since the gut is already in a state of dysbiosis and lacking beneficial bacteria when there is a Candida overgrowth present, it is absolutely vital to your healing to be repopulating your gut with probiotics. I can’t stress this enough.

Not only do probiotics orchestrate the entire gut lining rejuvenation processes, they are powerful immune modulating critters (80% of you immune system is actually in your gut), they are our #1 chelators of heavy metals, they are involved in over 20,000 digestive processes in the body alone like helping digest our food and making nutrients such as vitamin B12 and serotonin.

Did you know that up to 95% of your serotonin levels are actually made in your gut! Serotonin is that happy-feel good hormone that supports emotions of joy, and a positive mood and outlook on life. We could always use a boost in serotonin.

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